My name is Leslie Appleton and I have a serious interior and exterior design fixation!

I have the ability to step into a space and envision it's potential like no other. I am the one walking in saying 'yes, let's do this' when others are walking out saying 'this is a complete waste of time'.

This really all began with the purchase of my first home. I had to find ways to create beautiful spaces on a tight budget. I carried this on through the last four homes that I have bought and lets just say- three out of the four were real fixer-uppers!

I love entertaining, cooking, baking for family and friends. . . nothing is better than sitting down to a good meal and glass of wine with the people you love the most! The beauty, in nature often inspires me and I try to savour every opportunity I get to spend some time outdoors. I am constantly reading and researching pretty much anything and everything to do with interior and exterior design!

 My sweet daughter and I.

My sweet daughter and I.

My time currently is spent getting this business off the ground and sharing all life has to offer with my darling 4 year old little girl. She truly inspires me, everyday with her imaginative and creative mind. She reminds me that life is precious and we should spend time doing what we love.

My mom & dad have also been a great source of inspiration when it comes to working hard and achieving great things in life. My dad is a successful entrepreneur who took the leap many years ago when going out on his own. My mom is truly a gift from above, she is not only a great mother and grandmother to my precious little girl but she has taught me a lot about what I know when it comes to style and interior design. She throws a dinner party like no other and their home is beautiful inside and out!

I also get a ton of inspiration from my friend of 23 years Melanie Curley who is the owner of Mango Reclaimed! She is a savvy business woman, mother to her sweet little boy Colton, photographer,artist and the list goes on and on. She has a creative spirit and mind and I so admire and love her to bits!  Melanie restores vintage furniture and gives it new life at her beautiful studio in Whitby. I am looking forward to collaborating with her  on this journey as our businesses grow!

My background is in the financial industry. Having spent the last 8 years with a great company and wonderful colleagues and clients I will be using all of those experiences and skills to help me run and operate this new business.

I am super passionate and eager and I assure you, you will not be disappointed when you see what my creative side mixed with my business knowledge and experience can bring to you and your home.