Spring & Fabrics.. Oh how I love thee!!

I don't know about you but I sure am glad spring is finally here and the birds are chirping  and those lovely fresh flowers are starting to bloom again! Its been a long winter hasn't it?

To me spring is like a fresh flower blooming leading us into a lovely display of greens and pops of colour. Its about this time of year when I decide I need to update my space and lighten things up.

There is nothing easier when you want to freshen up your home for Spring then adding a few throw pillows and some decorative accessories. Suddenly your space can feel light, airy and inviting again.

Here are some inspirational photos to get your wheels turning!!

I'm not sure if I mentioned but I simply adore fabric, I love the way a certain fabric can change a space instantly. It can be the inspiration for a entire room makeover or it can add a that special finishing touch to a project.

I simply love spending countless hours pouring through fabrics searching for just the right one. Sometimes I have something in mind other times I see it and it just speaks to me-"Oh hello there...where have you been my entire life??"

Take a look at some of these beautiful fabrics I have recently sourced for throw pillows, I think they will add a pop of colour to someone's space or may be the perfect thing to update your space for spring and summer.

I'd love to hear what you think and what you do to update your home for Spring!