Linen & Cotton & BBQs Oh My!!

I am always on the hunt for unique, good quality items to share with you all! Recently I came across a really awesome product called My Drap.  They are linen and/or cotton napkins and placemats that come on a roll. A roll you say? Does that sound strange? Well not really when you think about it because it keeps them nice and crisp and they are totally portable for the summer when you are out and about or great for dinner parties and bbqs.

I don't know about you but I am super excited for the sun and some good times with family and friends this summer! This winter has definently been a long one and its good to finally see the grass getting green and the flowers blooming. I've already got a ton of ideas to celebrate all summer has to offer starting with an awesome backyard patio party!

My Drap comes in some great colours and the texture of them is really lovely as well. Check out the pictures below to see just what I am talking about!

I loved them so much I have brought them into Mango Reclaimed and they are now available for purchase (more summer colors on the way)!!